Resources: Implementation Repositories, Extant Directory Infrastructures, etc.

A section of An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ: A tutorial aid to navigating various LDAP and X.500 resources on the Internet, v2.0a

by: Jeff Hodges
Under Construction   This is v2.0a -- a "beta" release -- it is still way under construction. You will find version 1.5, which may or may not be more up-to-date, HERE. Apologies for any confusion.
Last updated: 16-Feb-1999
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I'm especially interested in more resource links. Please send them in! Thanks, Jeff

Overall Resources

LDAP Implementation Repositories and Resources

These are places to pick up both more detailed info and freely-available implementations... ..courtesy Raging Network Services. They are working on a thorough port of the UMich LDAP release to Linux. They mention doing an LDAP v3 implementation. Here's pointers to other LDAP pages. Given that you are reading this page, you should also take the time to peruse them -- I don't claim that my LDAP Roadmap pages have the last word on LDAP developments so you're better off pokin' about than takin' my word for it...

X.500 Implementation Repositories and Resources

Some of these, like Nexor's pages, are general info sources about X.500/LDAP-based directory(ies). Other's, like SURFnet's and UMich's, are documents relating to their particular Directory infrastructure and are quite interesting as examples of how Internet-wide directory participants can package & deliver their product both to their users and to the Internet at large...

Extant Directory Infrastructures

Here's pointers to various organization's directories, and to pages with info about their directory projects (but be sure to peruse some of the links above too, such as the ISODE Consortium and Nexor)...
This is the final section of these Roadmap pages (in case you're reading them in sequence). 
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