Beyond the Basics: Directory Services for Intranets and the Internet at Large

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by: Jeff Hodges
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Start here if you already know the Basics as well as what's Behind the Basics and are wondering about things such as applications of directories, deploying directories, privacy, building directory-enabled services,

Section Contents

Directory Deployment Considerations

There are many things to consider in terms of deploying your directory. Is it a general-purpose directory intended for use by arbitrary clients? Is it embedded in a larger system and intended for a narrow set of clients? Where, how, and from whom does its data come from? Why don't I just use a relational database? How do I name my directory entries?

In this section, I have some references which shed light on some of these questions and their answers. First, there are references to material on overall deployment considerations. Second, there's information about the topic of naming.

The section on Deployment Considerations and the Summary in Hodges97 are relevant in this Beyond the Basics context. That section discusses various aspects of general-purpose whitepages directory deployment in terms of the type of enterprise to be served. It then presents an overview of the architecture of the whitepages directory deployment at Stanford University.


Enterprise Email Routing via LDAP Directories

Distributed Directories

ID on referrals

centroids and indexing  Centroid500, an X.500 Indexing System

Privacy and other Legalities

Privacy is a complex enough, and hot enough, topic to warrant its own section page.

Applications of Directories

..or "what are these durn things good for anyways?!#$%"


Whitepages are arguably the most prominent of applications for directory technology. The RFCs below


Mapping Network Entities into directories, commonly termed yellowpages, ...

Directory Enabled Networks

DEN info here.

LDAP over IP Datagram Protocol

Monitoring and Managing LDAP/X.500 Directories


X.500-specific stuff

The next section of these Roadmap pages describes the current state of LDAP standardization.

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