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Directory Services Project

Directory Services Infrastructure


Statement of Direction

This is where we are headed with directory services in the near-to-intermediate term. Note that this was originally written back in 1996 and we're quickly closing in on realizing most of these goals (it now being early 1999). That statement will need to be updated soon to reflect this, and to point where we're going next.

Directory Services Infrastructure

These are the facets of our current Directory Service Infrastructure on SUNet.

Information for Clients of Stanford Enterprise Directory Services

This page has info for those Stanford folks who are directory-enabling their applications. Note that it is not information for users. It is for programmatic clients. Information includes pointers to client libraries, documentation, data model of our directory service schema, etc.

CCS/Networking/DCG Projects
with Dependencies on Directories

Project Horton

We've rolled a bunch of our projects into an overall umbrella project called Project Horton. Many of the Horton projects are directory-enabled.

The SUNetID and Namespace project
This is the SUNetID Project Web Page. This link is here because the Horton page doesn't point to the SUNetID project page - it points to the service page.

Directory Services Musings

This is a grab-bag of: musings on Directory Services, pointers to operating instances & examples, pointers to various information sources, etc.

Directory Services Presentations
Various musings including pointers to other organization's Directory Services projects and such. Includes X.500 & LDAP roadmap & FAQ (this stuff badly needs updating -- caveat emptor!)

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